• park&ride300 route changes

    From Sunday 18th September, changes will be made to your park&ride300 route between Redbridge and city centre.

From Sunday 18th September 2016, park&ride300 services leaving Redbridge between 09:30 and 18:30 Monday to Friday and from 11:00 until last bus on Sundays will operate via Donnington Bridge, Iffley Road and High Street before reaching St Aldates and starting the return service to Redbridge. Outside of these times, services will continue operating via Abingdon Road as usual. 

This change will allow for the frequency of our park&ride300 to be maintained during the closure of Queen Street.

During the above times, passengers wishing to be dropped off at the Police Station stop instead of St Aldates are advised to use our cityX3/X13 services, which will take you directly there.

Journeys towards Pear Tree Park & Ride will not be affected.