Acceptance of rail tickets on park&ride500

On 25th October 2015, we commenced operation of a new enhanced park&ride500 service to provide a missing rail link between Oxford Rail Station and Oxford Parkway.

As such, during the period while the railway line between Oxford Parkway and Oxford remains closed, all rail tickets that would normally involve this rail journey will be valid for the travel on our park&ride500 services.

For example, the following rail tickets will be accepted:

  • Oxford to/from Bicester Village (or Oxford to/from any Chiltern Station)
  • Reading to/from Oxford Parkway (routed not via London)
  • Aylesbury to/from Oxford (routed not via London)
  • London to Islip (unless routed via High Wycombe)

Passengers who have a confirmed reservation or printed itinerary showing their booking, but no magnetic stripe rail ticket, will also be allowed to travel.

The following rail tickets are not valid for travel:

  • Tickets between London and Oxford (or London and Oxford Parkway)
  • Tickets between London and Bicester Village (routed via High Wycombe or via “Chiltern Only”)
  • Tickets between London and Banbury and Kings Sutton
  • Tickets between London and Islip (routed via High Wycombe)